Granny’s Canary

By | April 24, 2013

Granny’s Canary (By R Notman & I Hamilton 1997) Music Lost to Time but may have been G C D and Em and possibly a trip to F and Am

They shut down the mine after 400 years,
The men and the bairns and sheep were in tears
The bosses had taken our living away
but granny’s canary had something to say

The hills are so bonny
and the river is wet
yer no going away
cause we’re no finished yet

All the men they got drunk and all had a fight
Blood ran through the street on that most awful night
the policemen they came and took them away
and the judge in the court he had something to say


The women they all had to go on the game
they waited all night but nobody came
cause the men were in prison for many a day
and roach in the cell he had something to say


The men were all hung on a braw moonlicht nicht
the sheep were kebabed on the end of a stick
the women cried so much the bairns they all drowned
and from granny’s canary did not come a sound

and the women they all died from food poisoning
as they ate the canary that could no longer sing.


This is the last bit, Och Aye!!!

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